Service Work


Working with others is a key element in any twelve step program for long term success and a sense of fulfillment.  Whether we practice our twelfth step by sponsoring others, or we are of service in any sense to our homegroup by making coffee or chairing a meeting, we must give back to the program that so freely helped us get to where we are today.  Service inside and outside of our twelve step fellowships provides a sense of usefulness.  Giving back and focusing on others, rather than ourselves and our problems, helps take us out of our narrow-minded view of what is going on around us, giving us the opportunity to focus on what we can do for others.

Anyone can be of service whether they have less than 30 days, or 10 or more years.  There is no requirement of time to help others.  If we are practicing principles of the program, we are acting with integrity and thinking of others over ourselves.  We can attain a sense of freedom and gratitude when we find ourselves helping others and not so focused on the little things that cause us stress in our daily lives.  Whether we are greeting people at the door to a meeting, bringing a meeting into a hospital, or even chairing a committee, we are contributing to something greater than ourselves and our own sobriety.  We are participating and we are active in the makings of the fellowship we need to survive.


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