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Camelback Recovery provides recovery support services in a structured and supportive environment that promotes long term transformational changes in our clients through focusing on 12-Step fundamentals, human connection and accountability.

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Sober Living Homes in Arizona

Welcome to a new way of living…

Camelback Recovery is a structured, sober community with sober living homes in Scottsdale and sober living homes in Phoenix, both for individuals with a common goal to recover. Statistics show individuals who return home directly from a treatment facility have a relapse rate of 90% within their first year; that percentage is cut to 50% after just 3 months of sober living. Overall, it appears the longer one remains in a structured sober living environment, the better their chances are for long-term recovery.

If we know nothing else about the disease of addiction, we do know this: it is chronic, progressive and fatal. A treatment center is great for its intended goal; to provide information that assists the client in understanding the nature of addiction. However, a graduation certificate from a treatment center does not ensure immunity from alcohol or drugs, as clients have not yet had the opportunity to apply their newly acquired information in the world outside the facility. Therefore, recovery housing is the next necessary phase of the recovery process in order to obtain a solid base of sobriety.

Camelback Recovery is where information and the ability for a practical application to real-world challenges collide. For the recovering alcoholic/addict, trying to navigate life for the first time in many years without the use of alcohol or drugs is intimidating enough. The safe and sober environment that our community affords empowers the recovering individual to assure them that they are not alone in this new journey. Moreover, with the provision of guidance, structure, accountability, and fellowship, Camelback Recovery assists our clients to discover and normalize a new, healthy lifestyle and pave the path for long-term recovery.


Camelback Recovery guides you forward in your recovery. We provide you with the tools to transform your life and create lasting change. We provide you with ongoing and lasting support to help you achieve your recovery goals and maintain long term mental health.

Our structured sober living homes and recovery homes work for anyone who wants recovery and is willing to go to any lengths to get it. We also provide recovery support services such as Case ManagementRecovery Coaching,
Sober Companions and Sober Transport to enhance your chances for success.

These services are your investment in your future that will protect your recovery and reduce your chances of more trips to a facility or detox.


I cannot say enough about how glad I was I stayed with you. I also made this very clear on my PCS out-processing so that they will continue to recommended their intensive clients to you. Thank you for helping make this past week such a healing one for me!

Brad F.

Overall I am so grateful for you guys. Leaving treatment after three months I knew I needed to be in a healthy environment that would hold me accountable and help train me for success and I really have been given that at Camelback Recovery so far.


If you are attending the PCS IOP, I think this is the perfect fit. I felt really comfortable, at home and nurtured at Sojourn House. I have the best of memories of everybody there, all doing their work, with a real sense of camaraderie.


It is a supporting friendly environment created by the staff as well as other guests.

Kent B.

My experience at Camelback recovery has been very positive. A great group of guys live here focused on their recovery.


I loved living here, it is so convenient and it felt like a real community of sober people. I really feel ready to start my new life.

Alana C.

It was a really good experience! I made some stable friendships, had a lot of fun, and got to reside in an absolutely beautiful house.

Allie H.

If you are upwardly mobile and are able to be quasi-independent in daily life, the sober living facility is the greatest resource you could imagine. It allows freedom with just enough structure.


It was such a welcoming environment!! I’m so thankful for Debbie being there to talk to and support me and the other girls for their acceptance and welcoming me into the house immediately. I felt so supported by them!

Caroline S.


Thanks for a great stay yet again and making this a welcoming place to stay. And for being so encouraging and supportive and helpful.


Richard & Michael,

Thank you both so much for everything. The stay here was 5 stars. I couldn’t have had as successful of a week without this part of the experience.


Was more than a hotel but worth it and I’m glad I stayed here.

The PCS intake people (Mary) are probably fairly influential in steering clients towards accommodation. I will try to shoot Mary an email that I liked it here and would recommend for other guys, especially addicts in early recovery or unstable sobriety.

Meals were great, Richard was super hospitable, other guys were cool.

Aaron - Los Angeles, CA

Dear Richard (House Manager),

My heart felt thanks I owe you for making my stay at Camelback Recovery welcoming. You should open a fast food deli in your next life where I hope to see you again. Again, thanks for making this old Kentucky boy feel at home.


Mike W. - Greenville, Kentucky

Staying at Camelback Recovery while attending the PCS Intensive allowed me to really dive into recovery. Beautiful, clean, and safe home…and the House Manager is one heck of a cook too! Thank you! 

John S. - Scottsdale, Arizona


Our mission is to provide comprehensive support services to our clients that promotes ongoing, long-term, transformational recovery. These services are aimed at providing specific goal-oriented support for a client’s needs. Camelback Recovery’s intention is to collaborate with each client’s current professional and family support. Our goal is to provide services that eradicate the potential of relapsing into old behaviors.


We provide you with a set of guidelines to help you develop responsible behavior that will help you acheive longterm recovery.


Our sober living homes reduce some of the complexity of day-to-day life enabling you to achieve and maintain your recovery.

Ongoing Support

We tailor our support program to fit your needs and help ensure your success.


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