Individualized Recovery Goals that Guide You Home

At Camelback Recovery, we strive to compassionately support each and every client to be successful in achieving individualized recovery goals and leaving our care to continue living a happy, healthy, and responsible life. Whether it be getting and staying sober, addressing mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, or providing a controlled environment for medically assisted treatment, our knowledgeable and experienced staff are there to provide the best support possible.

Nearly all of our staff members have been through the recovery process. They know the difficulties that go along with getting and staying sober, as well as the joys that come from a life of recovery. This means that, in addition to knowing Camelback’s policies and procedures, they bring valuable, personal experience to their jobs, and that is invaluable in helping clients to achieve sobriety and live a life of recovery.

Camelback’s staff help each client to achieve success using a proven system that provides the necessary support and tools for each client to remain on the path of ongoing change. During active addiction and in early recovery, there will be life imbalances from which our clients are trying to recover, and we know that these imbalances can be transformed into a stable lifestyle that provides hope for any recovering addict.

The Camelback Difference is that we provide all-inclusive recovery support services, while treating each client like the unique and valuable person that they are. We don’t believe that one approach works for every person. We work hard to help each and every client feel essential, confident, safe, and hopeful that recovery is possible. No bottom is too low, or any obstacle too powerful to overcome, with proper care, support, and diligent work. We know that every client has the chance to recover, and we provide the personalized support that makes that possible.

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