Timothy Westbrook – CEO

Timothy Westbrook is in the business of helping people recover from substance use disorders and process addictions.

Tim was born and raised in Southern California and spent his teen years in Oxnard, California. He attended the University of California, Davis where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Business. Most of his post-college years were spent in the San Francisco Bay Area, until he moved to Arizona in 2006.

Struggles with substance addiction eventually began to affect every area of his life. By March of 2011, Tim hit his bottom and became willing to go to any lengths to get and stay sober. Through his journey out of addiction and in recovery, Tim brings experience, strength, and hope to the man who wants lifelong sobriety. His passion for health and fitness, long-term sobriety, and changing lives is not only what inspired him to open Camelback Recovery, but accounts for Camelback’s high success rate.

Today, Tim has held board positions for several non-profits, he actively works a 12-Step program, and he is well connected in the recovery community. He is also an Ironman and avid yogi. In the interest of furthering his education and becoming a better tool for Camelback Recovery, he obtained his Master’s of Science in Addiction Counseling at Grand Canyon University in 2016. His recovery has led him to living a happy, useful and whole life in sobriety.

Gwen Henderson – Director of Business Development

Gwen Henderson is from Chicago, IL. She came to Arizona in 2004 to work with a grassroots recovery home organization for women who were striving to achieve maintained sobriety, while learning how to navigate life sober. Being in recovery since 1997, Gwen understands how long-term engagement in a housing program can prepare one for a sustainable healthy lifestyle in sobriety. After several attempts, it wasn’t until Gwen became willing to take the next step and entered into a long-term recovery housing program was she able to achieve sustainable sobriety and a healthy lifestyle in recovery.

Gwen brings 20-years of extensive experience in the field of Mental & Behavioral Health, advocating for and serving individuals impacted with co-occurring disorders, substance abuse and alcoholism. Gwen holds several degrees; BA in Child & Family Services; BA in Behavioral Social Sciences; MA in Community Psychology. She has trained and worked in various components in the field of Addiction and Mental Health as a Substance Abuse Assessor; Substance Abuse Counselor; Housing Specialist; Case Management Supervisor; General Manager; Executive Consultant; Business Development Director; Outreach and Marketing Consultant/Contractor; and Executive Director.  

For the past several years, Gwen has worked as a Behavior, Recovery, and Life Coach. As a Coach, Gwen has been instrumental in assisting high-risk clients and their families with removing barriers and obstacles to achieve life skills, resources, recovery, behavior modification, short and long term goals. Ultimately, clients and their families have been able to achieve some sense of sustainability, mentally, physically, psychologically, financially, and/or socially.

Gwen currently serves on the Addicted Nation Solutions Board of Directors.

She formerly served on Women In New Recovery (WINR) Board of Directors; West Yavapai Guidance Clinic Board of Directors; MATForce Executive Board of Directors; Chapter 5 Board of Directors; Project Aware Board of Directors; Yavapai County Adult Drug and DUI Court Staff; Prescott Recovery Day Celebration Committee and chair-person for 2011 & 2012 Recovery Day Celebration; Northern Arizona Recovery Association (NARA); and Arizona Recovery Housing Association (AzRHA).  Gwen is also a founding member of the former WAAT-Arizona Chapter (Women’s Association of Addiction Treatment); and, one of the originating committee members forming the Yavapai County Peer2Peer Recovery/Community Coach Program and Yavapai County Re-Entry Program.

Gwen has a strong passion for helping others find sobriety and achieve a holistic balanced lifestyle; which includes the emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual components of one’s self.

Anthony Tatum – Program Director

Anthony Tatum was born in Southern California and was raised in Kennesaw, Georgia by two loving parents. After high school, Anthony received a full academic scholarship to Georgia State University to pursue his passions: business and marketing. Unfortunately as a result of the unmanageability of his active addiction, Anthony was forced to withdrawal from school.

In September of 2012, Anthony reluctantly agreed to complete inpatient drug treatment for the second time. During his treatment, the proverbial “miracle” took hold. Anthony became immersed in the 12 steps and the recovery community within central Phoenix. He took the suggestions of his peers to move into sober living after treatment. After being relieved of the plague of active addiction, he became passionate about helping others achieve the same.

In 2013 Anthony began working professionally in drug and alcohol treatment concurrently to his avocational work within the community. During his four-year tenure working at Calvary Healing Center in Phoenix, Anthony co-created program schedules, implemented policies and procedures, and managed 26 employees. Anthony believes in recovery and makes it his life’s work to help those suffering from addiction. He sponsors men through the twelve steps, volunteers on area service boards, and is an active member of the recovery community in Phoenix. Anthony has begun to finish his education, started a small business, and got married in 2018.