Tim Westbrook | Camelback Recovery CEO

Timothy Westbrook – CEO

Timothy Westbrook is in the business of helping people recover from substance use disorders and process addictions.

Tim was born and raised in Southern California and spent his teen years in Oxnard, California. He attended the University of California, Davis where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Business. Most of his post-college years were spent in the San Francisco Bay Area, until he moved to Arizona in 2006.

Struggles with substance addiction eventually began to affect every area of his life. By March of 2011, Tim hit his bottom and became willing to go to any lengths to get and stay sober. Through his journey out of addiction and in recovery, Tim brings experience, strength, and hope to the man who wants lifelong sobriety. His passion for health and fitness, long-term sobriety, and changing lives is not only what inspired him to open Camelback Recovery, but accounts for Camelback’s high success rate.

Today, Tim has held board positions for several non-profits, he actively works a 12-Step program, and he is well connected in the recovery community. He is also an Ironman and avid yogi. In the interest of furthering his education and becoming a better tool for Camelback Recovery, he obtained his Master’s of Science in Addiction Counseling at Grand Canyon University in 2016. His recovery has led him to living a happy, useful and whole life in sobriety.

Kevin Brown – General Manager

Kevin has several years of experience working in the recovery field. In addition to being a Nationally Certified Intervention Professional Kevin has worked closely with individuals from the beginning of the recovery process and is familiar with the steps that are necessary to be successful in long term recovery.  Kevin excels at working with individuals in early recovery and creating structured programming for individuals to feel safe and thrive. He has a unique passion and understanding for those he works with as well as an ability to connect with them on a personal level. Having personal experience in recovery helps Kevin work directly with families and helps in developing program standards to increase success rates and quality outcomes. Often, Kevin is contacted by former clients and thanked for the work that he has done. Kevin is driven by a passion to help others, a belief that anyone can change, and his own personal success story.